The Popularity Ride Of Decorative Concrete Floors

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The variety of home decor is rising by the day. New items, designs, and methods are emerging or being invented with the sole purpose of making homes more desirable and a true reflection in the occupants’ sense of style. At the same time, some existing interior designs and decorations increasingly becoming enhanced acceptance through the general masses. Among such interior décor techniques is always that has seen a resurgence in popularity is decorative concrete floors. decorative concrete floors austin

Historically speaking, this kind of technique of interior decoration is a preserve of commercial building, offices, and industrial complexes. To numerous homeowners, concrete will not ooze class, uniqueness, and wonder. This is because traditional concrete surfaces have a demeanor of being dull and unexciting. As a result, many homeowners prioritize changing the floor surface once the residence is done. In the past, few homeowners would even fathom to leave the concrete slab in their house as it is and use it because the floor. Such as scenario was highly unlikely.

However, that is fast changing because of material technology from the form staining, dying, stamping and the like. These three concrete medication is working wonders to many floors across the world. So what are they?

Concrete Floor Staining

Staining is often a process of using chemicals to offer a concrete surface a transparent sheen. There are two staining methods that are presently being deployed, each yielding a somewhat different result. They are:

Acid-Based Stain

Acid-based staining is staining which utilizes a mixture of water muriatic acid and several mineral salt to get the staining process. The mixture reacts with the concrete surface to generate the very clear and oftenly, translucent surface. Acid-based staining is long-lasting and can easily outlast the durability of the house itself. One disadvantage to this process is that it supplies a very limited variety and variety of colors. Earth colors (brown, black and white) are easy to achieve using this method od staining.

Water-based Stain

Alternatively, water-based staining uses a different chemical process altogether to attain a translucent or opaque finish. The procedure involved in water-based is staining is the bonding of chemicals together with the concrete surface as opposed to reacting with the concrete surface as is the case with acid-based staining. There's a greater diversity of colours that can be achieved using this process. However, retreatment is essential after a while as the translucent or opaque demeanor tends to fade after some time.

Concrete Stamping

This is the process of treating concrete floor to include a texture of wood, brick or another natural materials. In addition, it involves shaping the ground to a particular pattern that resembles the materials of interest, say brick wall patterns, once the floor has a brick stamp.

Some of the most notable benefits of using decorative concrete floors include:

1.    Economical to setup

2.    Easy to maintain - the only maintenance that is required is often a soapy wash when dust and dirt accumulate.

3.    Accords you versatility and variety of design choices

4.    Sustainable - you use pre-existing material (the layer of concrete), with a minimal inclusion of new material.

5.    Long lasting floor - concrete floors go far due to their stability and ability to withstand chipping.

Other popular types of concrete decoration include dying, overlaying and polishing. decorative concrete floors austin